FRS Elbferry Glückstadt Wischhafen

Welcome to the FRS Elbfähre Glückstadt Wischhafen.

We depart approx. every 30 minutes from Glückstadt and from Wischhafen. Only 20 minutes crossing time.
To the schedule

Current information

Due to construction on the B495, there will be restrictions to the evening schedule on 27th and 28th September 2023. Please consider the following changes for your travel planning:

  • Last departure from Wischhafen: 09:00 pm
  • Last departure from Glückstadt: 09:45 pm

Thank you for your understanding.


Current information

Our ferries currently run according to schedule.




Current information

Due to construction work on the B495, there may be slight delays on the Wischhafen side from 7 August until probably December 2023. However, the FRS Elbfähre pier will remain completely accessible to passengers at all times and on weekends without any restrictions.


The pier of the FRS Elbferry Glückstadt Wischhafen can be reached via the main road 495. The road will take you directly to our pier in Glückstadt and Wischhafen.

Arrival and Ports
Die "Wilhelm Kroos" und die "Glückstadt" treffen sich auf der Elbe.

Here you can find the current fares for truck and freight transport. The fares are based on the size of the vehicles and the weight. You will find details on the page trucks and cargo.

Trucks and Cargo