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Current Fares 2023

For trucks and cargo

Here you will find the current fares for trucks and freight transports. The fares depend on the size of the vehicles and the weight. Details can be found in the following price tables.

Horses, cattle, sheep, calves, pigs, lambs, piglets, etc. are transported only on vehicles. Calculation according to weight like "loads".

Due to the short-term significant increase in fuel costs, we are unfortunately forced to temporarily levy a fuel surcharge. We are constantly monitoring the dynamic development of fuel costs and will review the surcharge on a monthly basis. Thank you for your understanding.

For the issuing of an invoice under 60.00 € we will charge 9.00 €.

You will find further information on monthly billing based on ferry cost receipt here.

Weekly tickets

A weekly ticket can be purchased for motorbikes, passenger cars (excluding mobile homes) and trucks up to 6 t gross vehicle weight. The fare for this ticket is seven times the individual fare for the vehicle and one person. The transport charge for loads and additional persons is to be payed additionally.