Crossing the Elbe quickly and reliably? FRS Elbfähre Glückstadt Wischhafen takes you relaxed and flexible from Schleswig-Holstein to Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) and also the other way!

Whether you live in both of the northern provinces Schleswig-Holstein or Niedersachsen or if you are just on vacation: Hop across the Elbe and discover "the other side". Numerous sights are waiting for you here. FRS Elbfähre Glückstadt Wischhafen shuttles from early in the morning until late in the evening in 20-30 minute intervals between the two provinces. A reservation is not necessary, just arrive and sail on the next free ferry across the Elbe.

The "Ernst Sturm" at the landing jetty
FRS Elbfähre's "Glückstadt" with a container ship in the background

Whether by car, caravan, truck or bicycle - the crossing is always an experience. If you cross one of the world's busiest waterways there is always someting to see: Including small sailing boats or huge container ships.

If you want to avoid the traffic jam on the A7 before the Elbe Tunnel, you came to the right place. We get you from A to B, but we also offer you free Wi-Fi and toilets on board. Another advantage is that you can relax on your journey to us without any time pressure, because a reservation is not necessary.

A bridge of one of the FRS Elbfähre's ferries in the sunset
Two of our ferries between Glückstadt and Wischhafen

On the FRS Elbfähre Glückstadt Wischhafen, the approximately 25-minute crossing flies by. Look at the passing ships on the Elbe, treat yourself with a fresh coffee or our legendary "Bockwurst". Whether you come from Sylt, Cuxhaven, Berlin or Brunsbüttel - with our 4 FRS Elbfähren you can cross the waterway daily and all year round.

The small cruise across the Elbe takes place as it fits best into your schedule. You got out of the house too late, an appointment took longer than expected or the picnic on the beach was just too nice? No problem! As FRS Elbfähre does not require any reservation, you can always remain independent and flexible with your travel planning.



The ferry "Ernst Sturm" in motion

FRS Elbfähre - Lifeline in the region

Ferries connect family and friends and are everyday commute

FRS Elbfähre Glückstadt Wischhafen not only connects the states of Schleswig-Holstein and Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) - it is also the daily route to work for many commuters and brings friends and families together. Thanks to the year-round ferry service with daily departures from early in the morning until late in the evening, the Elbe is not a border but a link with a heart. Every day, around 70 employees of the "Norddeutsche Reederei" ensure that people meet and vehicles of all kinds can cross the Elbe. And they do this in sunshine as well as in pouring rain and strong winds from the side. For people from the region on both sides of the Elbe, the FRS Elbfähre is a faithful everyday companion and for tourists a maritime experience.

Cornelia Ellerbrock Wedding on board of one of FRS Elbfähre's ferries

Jacqueline and Kevin Sperling show how much the FRS Elbfähre belongs to the life of the residents along the Elbe. They got married on August 28 in the "darned 7th year" and made a trip with the ferry with the entire wedding company. She is from Wischhafen and has her own sailmaking business here. He grew up in Schleswig-Holstein and works as an automotive mechatronics technician at Bosch Car Service Jürgen Wulff in Wischhafen. The cruise on the ferry thus had a symbolic character for the connection between the two families. In the future, too, both families will be able to see each other as often as they like thanks to the FRS Elbfähre.